Thursday, July 20, 2017

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder & Anxiety. | Misunderstandings & Clarifications.

At about / around 2:05 A.M. today, Evan and I were getting some stuff at 7-Eleven, and it came out to $7.98, but with the addition of a plastic bag (which costs $0.10 per each plastic bag nowadays), it came out to $8.08. The due total was $8.08, and the receipt and the cash register said that the paid total was $8.08, but I had only brought $8.00 with us (and I say "with us", because I had given it to my Boyfriend to hold onto, and then I helped him to count out the quarters at the counter). I didn't really know if the cashier had taken care of the rest of it (or something like that), but I went back over there today (with my Boyfriend) to pay the rest of the $0.08, because I felt so "blah" about it. But now I just feel bad for saying "I paid" as I was trying to explain the situation, even though I did pay for it, because it was my money, but my Boyfriend was holding onto it, and he was the one that was getting the money out to pay for it, so he was physically paying for it, and I just technically paid for it, and I helped him to count it out. So, technically, we both paid for it, I guess. Ugh. It kind of seems like fixation won't just give me a break ... just for right now. I'm starting to feel pretty "blah" about it again. And, of course, one of the "comforting" things that I do (in some situations where there are misunderstandings) is to think about and / or to hope for when the world ends, so that all of these misunderstandings will be cleared up, and so that any "accidental lies" (because it kind of feels like misunderstandings are basically "accidental lies" sometimes, right?) will be revealed, and so that God can make everything right. Maybe that's not fair to some other people, though. But ... still. But I should be feeling better about it, though. But ... instead ... I'm just feeling so "blah" for saying anything that might not have been 100% clear. But not everyone needs to know everything about everything. Not everyone is entitled to know everything about everything. I just kind of wish that I didn't feel like I told a lie when I didn't tell a lie. I paid for it with my money, and I helped him to count it out ... even though my Boyfriend was holding onto the money for me and putting it on the counter. *Sigh.* I'll most likely eventually get over this. I just don't really want to do something super duper awkward like going back over there to re-explain the whole situation. Ugh. How awkward. *Hides myself away.* Why should I have to feel so guilty when I have committed no true crime(s) in this whole situation? Hopefully, God will help me out with this whole situation. If you're going through a similar something, then, hopefully, God will help you out with that whole situation, too. "Is there no rest for the OCD mind?" There are apparently some true solutions out there for the OCD mind, so there has to be - at the least - a little bit of rest for the OCD mind. Right?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Some Actual Ways To Make And / Or To Save Money Online | A List Of Legitimate Resources.

HERE IS A DISCLAIMER: In this weblog post, I have only mentioned websites and / or applications that I have actually used, myself, and that have actually work for me. I do not plan to endorse any websites and / or any applications that I have not actually used and / or that have not actually worked for me.

Do you feel like you just don't have enough money?

Do you feel like you just want to make some more money?

What would you do just to make a little bit more money?

Hahaha. Okay, but ... seriously, enough with the infomercial-like talk. Here we go [already / finally]!

Purpose: Cash-Back & Coupons.

Threshold: $5.01.

Log into your Ebates account, choose and click on the website that you want to shop from, and then you just make the purchase. (The cash-back percentage might vary based on the different product categories.)
It might take a few days to see the transaction in your account, but you can just report the missing cash-back if it doesn't show up, and then it should show up right away.

Reliable? Yes. I have used / still use this website before I make any purchases online (except for when I got the "Mystic Messenger" RFA VIP package from Cheritz! *Wahhh!*)

The Purpose: You can earn money by confirming paid emails, "watching" videos, using the TV feature on their application, doing daily paid searches. It might take a while to get to the $30.00 threshold, and it might charge a $3.00 processing fee, but it does work.

HERE IS A SIDE NOTE: From my experience (when I first started out), it kind of took a while for me to build up to a reasonable sum of money, but that's what will most likely happen if you only stick to doing one of the activities or two of the activities and not even all that often. If you stick to it and do a few of the [easy / simple / fast] activities almost every single day, the paid searches, watching the paid videos, taking the daily poll[s], and watching videos with the TV feature), then it will all add up even more quickly.

The Payment Threshold: $30.00.

The Withdrawal Processing Fee: $3.00.

Some tips:
- Don't just focus on the daily paid emails, because then then they might cut it down to once a week.
- You can earn a lot more money by using the TV feature on their application.
- Don't stop using their search engine when it gets to 4/4, but try keep on searching until you stop getting rewards for it.
- Don't even bother with trying to do the surveys (unless you really want to do so). So many people just get rejected from the surveys, so it might not even be worth it.
- You don't have to do any of the cash offers.

There is also SendEarnings (which is very similar to InboxDollars in layout, in design, and just overall ... so I guess that it doesn't really need very much of an explanation).

The Payment Threshold: $30.00!


First of all, yes, there is usually going to be some social interaction required for this one. But - when I was a teenager - I was lucky enough to be "hired" to just write some animal-related "reviews" on their website. But I ended up cancelling some of the other gigs that I would get. So ... it doesn't all just have to do with writing for people that just want to steal your work and the credit for it.

Reliable: Yes. I have gotten paid by them before (but they take a percentage of the payment), but I don't use this website anymore.

Sign up for an account with a blogging website (Blogger / BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr, et cetera) and / or for an account with YouTube, do some research, decide on what you want to create and what you want to post, and then set everything up.

Make sure that you also sign up for adsense, learn how to connect it to your weblog and to your social media accounts (there is a Google Adsense ID that you'll need to use for them), and then eventually apply for a YouTube Partnership.

One of the biggest tips that I can give to you is to re-share your stuff a lot! Don't just share it once and then forget about it! I started to utilize this strategy recently, and I have been getting around 1,000-ish weblog views on the days that I mass-re-share a lot of my weblog posts (whether they are old or they are new) ... and that's just by re-sharing them on Google+.

You can also get the CrowdFire application to help to increase traffic to your online content and to schedule for your posts to be shared online! (You can also be selected to join CrowdFire's Creator Program, too!)

And ... trust me, it's not all about the count of followers and the count of subscribers. It's actually more about the count of views and the count of clicks.

And you can also add a "donate" button to your websites. (I actually have a PayPal donate button on my weblog right now, so you can look at that one for an example, and you can also do some research on it as well.)

HERE IS A SIDE NOTE: I would actually advise for you to stay away from multi-channel networks (MCNs). It may work for some people (if they're really popular online), but it's not always going to be the best bet for everyone. I have some experience with this one, myself, but I'm not going to go into much detail about it for right now (at the least, until I can actually get the whole situation resolved ... like, until I'm not under a signed contract with an MCN anymore, myself).

You can also use Patreon, which is a website for creators to use to make money for their content. It can also sync up your YouTube content to your Patreon account, too. People can subscribe to you to pay you a certain amount (whether it's just once or it's a continuous thing) for your content (and you can set up some rewards for them in return). I originally did have a Patreon account, but I didn't stay with them for very long. But I do know about a few people that use it, and it seems to work pretty well for them. Usually, some people would use this website to raise funds for some of the creative equipment that they need (such as: cameras for filming, lighting, editing software, et cetera).

The Purpose: Achievemint is a website that will pay you to stay healthy. How will they do so? You just have to connect some of your accounts (such as: My Fitness Pal, FitBit, Google Fit, Twitter, et cetera) with your AchieveMint account, and then they will track your health-related activities through that. In turn, you will earn points for those health-related activities. ("Earn 10,000 points to be rewarded with $10!" - AchieveMint.)

The Payment Threshold: $10.00.


Okay, so ... this technically isn't a website for making money, but it can help you to save your actual money (in the sense that you can earn points to buy stuff [by selling stuff and / or by doing activities], because it's an auction website that focuses on credits and not on cash). (Some listings might also charge for shipping costs, though, so be aware of that.)

You can see the proof of a lot of things that I "bought" with Listia in some of my old weblog posts and in some of my old YouTube videos.

Would you like to get free things for points?! Not even kidding!

{REPOST} Things that I have won from Listia.com

Another website that is kind of like Listia is Influenster. You can sign up, do a bunch of activities, and after a certain amount of time and / or after a certain amount of points, they will send you what they call a seasonal "VoxBox" (which will consist of a bunch of items for you to test and to review). I don't really use their website anymore, but I did get their Violet VoxBox a few years ago (although there were some products in that box that I would not actually endorse due to ethical reasons).

When A Cat Is Actually Listening To K-Pop With You.

Max. (He is Evan's cat.)

He likes shoes, backpacks, and fans. (And, apparently, he is also okay with listening to K-pop.)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Language Exchange | A Miniature Review.

Image result for my language exchange

Hello, Everyone. Today, I am going to be doing a miniature review of a website called "My Language Exchange", so be prepared ... because it might get just a little bit negative up in here. (Eek! I'm kind of sorry. Hehehe.)

First of all, what is My Language Exchange? It is a website for people to join so that they can find language partners and / or language pen-pals. The formatting is kind of simple, but they could probably do with just a little bit more simplification in some areas. (Like when you're trying to find certain things on their website ... or if you want for your searches to be even more specific [*Cough.* Only show me the people that actually have profile pictures. *Cough.*].)

PC World magazine quotes them as one of the "'Top 101' websites'", and - from my experience - it's not so hard to understand why they weren't chosen as one of the "'Top 10' websites" (or even one of the "'Top 50' websites" ... and so on ... and so forth).

Right off of the bat, one of the main problems with this website is that you cannot really get into contact with people (other than sending a "Free Hi!" to them and / or posting in the forums) if you are not a "gold member".

Oh, and did I mention that you aren't even allowed to write any of your contact information in your profile's description? (No, I know that I didn't even do so until now. So ... now I did do so.) Yeah! I got a wall of text ... I mean ... a warning notice ... just for putting "(@VeganAmyRose)" next to my name in my profile's description.

I mean, I guess that I was kind of debating about it to myself. I wrote it in there, and then I took it out of there, and then so on and so forth. I mean, I ended up leaving it in there, and then it was removed by someone (a moderator / an administrator?), and then that's when I got that intimidating warning notice.

By the way, I'm 21 years old, I'm already pretty careful about who I talk to on the internet, and I should probably add that I'm already pretty selective about the websites that I choose to join in the first place. Why is it wrong to put my username in my profile's description? Hmmm? Why is that a part of the policy? Oh, and tons of other people do it without getting into trouble ... so why was I particularly singled out?

I know that this probably doesn't really count as censorship, but - in a way - maybe kind of ... just a little bit. Blah. Whatever. Maybe it's like they're trying to so-called "shame" people into compliance (A.K.A.: into buying their little $6.00 gold membership). (Yeah, I know how that sounds. Hahaha. Okay.) "You can be banned." Intimidation tactics, Man. And, apparently, it (not being able to contact people without paying for a gold membership) works for some people, I guess, because some people actually do buy the gold memberships to talk to people (when they could just join Italki ... or something like that).

And, by the way, even if I was more specific in my description, it seems like *some people* didn't really care that they didn't match it. (Someone contacted me, saying that they knew Persian ... and that they owned a goldfish. Like, what? I didn't even mention anything like that at all.)

Honestly, it's not necessarily that I didn't like the website (at first), because it was actually okay (at first), but how are the members supposed to get into contact with each other? Hmmm? That's what we were there for. It's inconvenient as all fudge.

"Thou hast sinned. Now click on the little box near the red asterisk to show us that you are forfeiting your own personal will(s) to us."

*Sigh.* Honestly, all of this covfefe over a silly little username. Oh my gosh. Where are the priorities here, you guys?

Okay, it's whatever. It's their website. It's their policy. It's their choice. But they should care some more about the opinions of the people that use their website. I think that putting a username into your profile's description is kind of a trivial issue (especially to be banned over). Okay, whatever. I did delete my information from that website ... and my account, too.

Well, that's it for now. Thank you so much for reading this wall of text. I know that it might have seemed kind of negative, but I don't necessarily "hate" them (or anything like that). Good-Bye, Everyone.

Monday, May 1, 2017


I recorded this one on my cellular phone. Hopefully, it will still be a good one. I guess that I will just have to try to upload an even better one sometime soon.

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I recorded this one so many times on my cellular phone, but I decided to just go with this one. Hopefully, it will showcase my skills in proper pronunciation and proper annunciation. (Hehehe. Which I realize might not really show through very well because of the whole "being recorded on my mobile device" thing, so I guess that I will just have to try to upload an even better one sometime soon.)

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5 Simple Tips That Could Benefit Your Mobile Device's Battery Life.

#1: Turn the brightness setting down on your mobile device.

Having your brightness setting turned all of the way up (or even halfway up) can reduce your battery power by probably about twice as much (or so). (Yes, I'm making a guesstimate by writing that sentence, but my battery power does seem to drain much faster when I have the brightness setting turned up higher on any of my technological devices ... duh. It's pretty simple.)

#2: Turn on airplane mode when you charge your mobile device.

Your mobile device will charge much fast when it is set to airplane mode.

#3: Turn off background applications and background refresh.

Anything that is still running in the background when you're done with it and already moving on to the next mobile activity will definitely contribute to draining your battery, no matter how minute it might be.

#4: Only do certain things such as uploading content, downloading content, and / or syncing your mobile device when you have access to WiFi.

Using your mobile data to do all of the above activities not only drains it, but it also drains your mobile device's battery life, too.

#5: This one is actually a pretty simple one. Turn it off when you're not using it (or when it's absolutely unnecessary to be using it).

If you know that you won't be able to charge your mobile device for a little bit of a while, then you're probably better off with just conserving its battery life, anyway(s). It's really not that difficult, you guys. Even if whatever is happening online seems to be more interesting than what's going on in real life. It's still good to take breaks every once in a while.


Well, that's that. I hope that this post helped even a few people out (like, at all). Have a nice / blessed / good time-period-of-24-hours, everyone!

Also, Earth Day & Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month just passed us by, so remember to try to plant something and to try to help an animal out (or something). (I mean, it's not necessarily a requirement, but it would be a nice thing to do, though. Am I right?)

For more information about me (Amy Rosanova / @VeganAmyRose), please check out the following links.

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*(Please excuse the unclickability of my social media links as of right now ... as I actually wrote this post on my current cellular phone.)*

*(It's been taken care of. Hehehe.)*




Friday, April 28, 2017

March 2016 | Evan And Amy.

Evan "analyzes" Amy's in-video attitude.

My Pink Hair Dye (At The Time Of This Video): Manic Panic's "Cotton Candy Pink".

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Monday, February 20, 2017



*Some more information might be added to this guide in the future,
so please check back with this post again from time to time.*


(But exercising reader's discretion is still advised, though.)


"Mystic Messenger" is a female-oriented mobile application game by Cheritz (@Cheritz_DL) that falls into the otome ("maiden game") category. In other words, it's a romantic game (with a heck of a plot) for females where you can "romance" a certain male character of your choosing (which also kind of just so happens to depend upon which story mode you choose to play). There is one playable female character, but her route isn't generally / always considered to be a romantic one (although some people beg to differ with this conclusion).


Casual Story Mode.

The Casual Story mode is automatically free, and it has three playable (or, rather, "pursuable") characters.

 Deep Story Mode.

The Deep Story mode has to be unlocked (it costs 80 hourglasses), and it has two playable (or, rather, "pursuable") characters.


The main characters:

MC (Main Character), Jumin Han, 707, Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee Kang, V, and Rika.

The playable / pursuable characters:

Jumin Han, 707, Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee Kang.

The playable / pursuable characters in the Casual Story mode:

Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee Kang.

The playable / pursuable characters in the Deep Story mode:

Jumin Han and 707.

The possible future playable / pursuable characters:

V and Unknown.

The founders of RFA (Rika's Fundraising Association):

Rika and V.

The founder(s) of Mint Eye:

Guess what? It's a surprise!

The minor characters:

Unknown (a hacker), Elizabeth the 3rd (a cat), Yoosung's Mother, Sally (a dog), Lisa (a cat), Vanderwood (a maid), Echo Girl (a popstar), Sarah Choi, Glam Choi, and the party guests.


There are a few different kinds of organization in "Mystic Messenger". Some of them are major, and some of them are minor.

RFA (Rika's Fundraising Association).

The RFA was founded by Rika and V as a charity organization to spread love and to help people that were and / or are in need. The other members include: Jumin Han, Zen (Hyun Ryu), 707 (Luciel / Saeyoung Choi), Jaehee Kang, and Yoosung Kim.

Mint Eye.

Mint Eye is an organization that is discovered later in the game.

C&R International.

C&G International is a company that was founded by Jumin Han's Father (Mr. Han / Mr. Chairman). Both Jumin Han and his Father continue to work there throughout the gameplay (along with Jaehee Kang, who happens to be Jumin Han's personal assistant whom he works "to the bone").

~ DAYS. ~

The game spans over a total of eleven days that consists of chats, calls, text messages, emails, and  visual novel modes. To participate in all of day one's chats, you should start the game at / after midnight, otherwise you will miss all of day one's earlier chats (you won't be able to participate in them ... let alone to see them and / or to read them).

This is just a note about the first day, but you should probably start the game before / around midnight, because the first chat starts around that time. Any chats that happened before you even started to play the game will not even show up for / in that particular file that you've begun to play.


Hearts are indicative of affection levels (although the affection levels are actually unmeasured in the game), whether they are colourful or broken. You can trade hearts in for hourglasses.

Gold hearts are just the tallied up colourful hearts that you can trade in for hourglasses (100 gold hearts = 1 hourglass).

Colourful hearts represent the gain of a specific character's affection towards the Main Character.

Broken hearts represent the loss of a specific character's affection, depending their colours.

Not all answers reward you with hearts. Some answers will reward you with nothing. That's not necessarily a bad thing, either. Sometimes, those answers will be your only options.

The Heart Colours:








Hourglasses are a form of in-game currency that you can use to "purchase" certain things.

You can trade in gold hearts (which - as I've already mentioned before - are simply just tallied up colourful hearts) to get hourglasses

You can also purchase hourglasses with real money.

It costs 5 hourglasses to load a different saved game file than the one where you last left off.

(It's free to continue playing the game from where you last left off. I didn't really know that fact at first, and so I ended up wasting some hourglasses - in the beginning - by going through the load menu to play the game a few times. You don't have to go straight to the load menu to play the game where you last left off.)

It costs 5 hourglasses to call one of the playable characters.

It costs 20 hourglasses to unlock an After Ending.

It costs 20 hourglasses to unlock all of day one's chats.

It costs 30 hourglasses to unlock all of day two's chats.

It costs 30 hourglasses to unlock all of day three's chats.

It costs 30 hourglasses to unlock all of day four's chats.

It costs 50 hourglasses to unlock all of day five's chats.

It costs 50 hourglasses to unlock all of day six's chats.

It costs 50 hourglasses to unlock all of day seven's chats.

It costs 50 hourglasses to unlock all day eight's chats.

It costs 50 hourglasses to unlock all day nine's chats.

It costs 50 hourglasses to unlock all day ten's chats.

You should not spend any hourglasses to unlock all of day eleven's chats, because there is
only one chat that day. (It's at 8:00 A.M. Yay! You can finally get some actual sleep!)

It costs 80 hourglasses to unlock the Deep Story mode.

It's strongly recommended that you play through the Casual Story mode before moving on to the Deep Story mode. Deep Story mode is apparently much more plot-heavy and much more interactive.


Throughout the game, one of the ways that you will communicate with the characters is by chatting with them in chatrooms, and you'll have to choose from pre-programmed answers.

On average, there are about 11 chatrooms (which are sometimes called "chats" by the players) per day.

You can earn hearts in chatrooms by choosing answers that would raise a specific character's affection for you.

Sometimes, you will even be able to get hourglasses in some of the chatrooms. (It happens automatically, so you can't really control it.)

You only have until the next chat[room] becomes available to complete the last chat[room] that was available. Otherwise, you will have to pay 5 hourglasses to participate in a missed chat. You can still read through a missed chatroom, though. And sometimes you can even still receive some items (well, basically, hourglasses).

~ CALLS. ~

The playable / pursuable characters can call you.

The playable characters will usually call you after specific chatrooms.

You can choose to either accept a call or deny a call.

You can also call the playable / pursuable characters. 

It costs 5 hourglasses to call a playable character, and they aren't always guaranteed to answer their cellular phones when you call them (which should usually send you to their voicemail greetings).

Try to call them during the recommend call times. If they don't answer your call, it should usually go to voicemail.

You can buy "unlimited calling cards".

There is an in-game feature called "unlimited calling cards". You can only purchase them with real money, and - after that - you'll never have to spend another hourglass on a single call again (on whichever account that you bought it under). It is strongly recommended that you keep the receipt (if there is a receipt emailed to you afterwards), and also that you screenshot the purchase, because - that way - if something ever happens ... well, then ... you'll have the proof! Also, "unlimited calling cards" are included with / in the RFA VIP Package (which include a lot of stuff for only about / around $79.00), so you might want to choose only one of those things.

Here Is A Notice:

So far, I've kind of only ever called Yoosung (*PLEASE INSERT A STAR SYMBOL*), and - again, so far - I've never had him not answer his cellular phone whenever I've called him before (so ... I haven't actually heard any of the characters' voicemail greetings yet / so far). The most that he's ever done (that was close to something like that) was just talking to me very briefly and then letting me know that he had to hang up.


Throughout the game, the characters will be sending you text messages. Answering text messages with certain answers will reward you with hearts (although ... there might be some that don't do this sometimes?)


There are a total of 71 guests that you can invite to the party.

Depending on how many guests actually go to the party, you can either get a Normal Ending or a Good Ending.

Less than ten guests attending the party will give you a Normal Ending.

Fifteen+ guests will give you a Good Ending.

Checking out the stories of the guests (which is only available after you attend the RFA party) will reward you with one hourglass for each one, but this only works once.


Each guest will send you emails, and their attendance of the party depends on whether you answer their correspondences with correct responses or incorrect responses.

Green Email Symbols:

Green email symbols indicate correct responses.

Orange Email Symbols:

Orange email symbols indicate incorrect responses.

Comepleted Invitations:

If you've successfully answered all of a guest's emails, then the words "Completed" should appear on / next to that specific guest's emails.

Failed Invitations:

If you've unsuccessfully answered any of a guest's emails, then the words "Failed" should appear on / next to that specific guest's emails.


During specific times in the game (regardless of whichever route that you're taking), a branch in the storyline will occur. Your interactions with the characters will determine your relationships with them and the endings of the storyline(s). Think of each branch in the storyline as a relationship(s) stage.

The storylines usually branch at the end of the fourth day (the fifth day is when you find out which character's route you've ended up with), the seventh day, the eighth day, and the tenth day.


Depending on your progress in the game, you will reach some kind of an ending, whether the conclusion is happy, sad, and / or neutral.

There are a total of about 10 different kinds of endings:







You can unlock the Secret Endings by getting all of the characters' Good Endings.


You automatically get one free backup / save file when you start the game.

It's completely free to save and / or load with this backup / save file.

There are also a total of 12 unlockable save / backup files that can be unlocked for about 50 hourglasses each.

The unlockable save / backup files also comes with the RFA VIP Package, so you might want to avoid purchasing extra save / backup files if you're planning to purchase the RFA VIP Package).

It costs 5 hourglasses to load of the unlocked save / backup files.

(I believe that this was / is some kind of a measure that was created to prevent in-game cheating, which you can be banned from "Mystic Messenger" for doing.)

~ "RESETS". ~

Whether or not you've heard about all of the "Reset Theories" for this particular otome game, rest assure that restarting the game shouldn't delete any of your progress. (Finishing one particular character's route and moving on to another one can also be seen as a "reset".) You should still have your hourglasses, your hearts, the unlocked endings, the unlocked pictures in the photograph album, the unlocked guests, etc. The only thing that would typically start over would be the chatrooms, the text messages, the emails, and the cellular phone calls. It's like when you restart a level in a video game, but you keep all of the rewards that you've earned from the last time that you played it.

Losing all of your progress would probably mainly / only happen for one of three reasons:

1.) You don't have an account, and you delete the application.

2.) You do have an account, but you delete it.

3.) Some kind of a glitch occurs.

Restarting the game doesn't necessarily mean that you have to lose all of your progress, because there are multiple save files. You traditionally get one save file, but there are a total of twelve other save files that can be unlocked.


"Transfer Data" and / or "Transferring Data" basically refers to transferring your gameplay data from one device to another and / or creating information that you can use to log back into your "account" without having to lose all of your data and start over from the very beginning (empty-handed, I might add).

To "transfer data", look for the option in the application that you are using that specifically refers to this. If you can't find the clickable page link in the application that talks about "Transfer Data" and / or "Transferring Data", try looking for their "FAQ" ("Frequently Asked Questions") page link and check it to see if and / or where they talk about how and / or where to transfer your gameplay data.

Depending on which application game you're playing:

1.) You will either be assigned an "ID" code, have to create a username, and / or have to enter your email address.

2.) You will either be assigned a passcode or have to create a password.

Once you have your "Transfer Data" information, you should probably either screenshot it or write it down somewhere. You probably don't want to lose it, because then you might not be able to recover your gameplay and / or your account if anything happens to it.



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