Sunday, August 16, 2015

What We All Want To Say About The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Finale

Great job on losing the other actress (Kat Graham) that you tried building a mini-plot around to "explain" Elena (Nina Dobrev)'s absence, instead of just giving the show a proper AND meaningful ending. Damon and Elena should have gotten married (either both as VAMPIRES to share their eternal love forever, or both as HUMANS so that they can have children together), Alaric should have lived a happy life with his wife, Josette, and their twin babies, and everyone should have gotten a happy ending... but no, keep doing what you're doing, AKA ruining our once favourite show. Believe me, you're doing a GREAT JOB. Rest in peace, The Vampire Diaries that we used to know.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

All About | The Science of Happiness

The Science Behind Happify
1. That the brain we're born with can be changed. Technically speaking, they call that neuroplasticy. (You can teach an old brain new tricks.)
2. We can change it by adopting new thought
patterns, by training our brain as if it were a muscle, to overcome negative thoughts.

3. All of us are hard-wired for negativity (blame
evolution!) but can profoundly benefit from learning new ways to react and deal with everyday stresses.

4. It doesn't take a lot of effort to make a real difference in your life. A few simple and even entertaining mental diversions will change things.

Monday, July 13, 2015

My Experience | "101 Things To Do Before You Die" Book by Richard Horne

I found "101 Things To Do Before You Die" by Richard Horne between December 2014 and February 2015. *Note: I won't be doing all of these things or posting/listing all of them as a few things on the list are rather inappropriate or against my beliefs/values/faith (Messianic Believer) -aka, the one about having a threesome... yeah, that's not going to happen.- And I've also done some of these already years ago, like selling things on eBay, getting piercings, or (not swimming with) seeing dolphins. Things that I've kind of done will be underlined rather than crossed out because it only half counts.*

1: Write a Best-Seller
2: Swim with...
3:Win an Award, Trophy, or Prize
4: Catch a Fish with your Bare Hands (I wouldn't want to do this, because I'm vegan)
5: Make a Discovery
6: Throw a House Party When Your Parents Are Out (I probably wouldn't do this)
7: (Too inappropriate to list!)
8: Realize Your Childhood Dream
9: Learn That Instrument
10: Leave Your Mark in Graffiti (Maybe if it's a part of a LEGAL town mural)
11: Storm Chase a Tornado
12: Get a Piece of Art into an Exhibition
13: Meet Someone With Your Own Name (met girls with same first name; don't remember the dates)
14: Ride the World's Biggest Rollercoasters
15: Stage Dive or Crowd Surf
16: Get into the Guinness Book of World Records
17: Own a Pointless Collection
18: (Too inappropriate to list!)
19: Master Poker and Win Big in a Casino
20: (Too inappropriate to list!)
21: Be a Human Guinea Pig
22: Go Up into a Hot Air Balloon
23: Get Arrested (And this is a goal why???)
24: See a Space Shuttle Launch
25: Capture the Moment in an Award-Winning Photograph
26: Bungee Jump
27: See an Erupting Volcano
28: Sky Dive
29: Meet Your Idol (I don't really have one)
30: Stay in the Best Suite in a Five-Star Hotel
31: Experience Weightlessness
32: See the Aurora Borealis
33: Get to Score a Hole in One
34: Design Your Own Cocktail
35: Play a Part in Your Favourite TV Show
36: Visit Every Country
37: Make Fire without Matches
38:See These Animals in the Wild
39: Go to the Dogs
40:Get a Free Upgrade on a Plane
41: Be Friends with Your Ex (It wasn't really an EX ex, it was someone I was into online years ago...)
42: Hit Your Targets
43: Throw a Dart into a Map and Travel to Where it Lands
44: Attend a Film Premiere
45: Do a Runner from a Fancy Restaurant (That's mean.)
46: Scuba Dive
47: Milk a Cow (Vegan here... so probably not. Sorry.)
48: Be Present When Your Country Wins the World Cup 
49: See Both Solar and Lunar Eclipses
50: Write Your Name Over a Star on the Walk of Fame
51: Learn Another Language (I know fragments of other languages, but I'm not fluent)
52: Read the Greatest Books Ever Written (I've read some of them)
53: Complete a Coast to Coast Road Trip Across America
54: Make at Least One Huge Purchase You Can't Afford
55: Score the Winning Goal/Try/Basket
56: Crash an A-List Party
57: See the All-Time Greatest Films (Almost done with this one!)
58: Live in the Place You Love
59: Leave a Job You Hate
60: Take Part in a Police Line-Up
61: Get Away with the Perfect Practical Joke or Hoax
62: (Too inappropriate to list!)
63: Make the Front Page of the National Newspaper (I got into the arts section as a kid)
64: Drive a Car at Top Speed (That's not very smart)
65: Shout 'Drinks Are on Me!' in a Pub or Bar
66: Be a Part of a Flash Mob
67: Visit...
68: Save Someone's Live (Convinced someone to recover from a health disorder)
69: In Various Languages Learn To...
70: Invent a Word That Makes it into the Dictionary
71: (Too inappropriate to list!)
72: Have Enough Money to Do All the Things on This List
73: Stand on the International Date Line
74: Learn to Fly a Plane
75: Get a Tattoo and/or a Piercing
76: Invent Something
77: Learn Astronomy and Read the Night Sky
78: Drink a Vintage Wine
79: Answer a Personal Ad (But I have a boyfriend...)
80: Spend Christmas on the Beach
81: Get Barred From a Pub or Bar
82: Build Your Own House
83: Skinny Dip at midnight
84: Sell All Your Junk on eBay and Make a Profit
85: Visit the World's Tallest Buildings
86: Run a Marathon
87: Conquer Your Fear
88: Get Married Unusually
89: Throw Away The Instant Noodles
90: (Too inappropriate to list!)
91: Create a Cult Website
92: Own an Original Work of Art
93: Complete the Monopoly Board Pub Crawl
94: Get Something Named After You
95: Get Revenge
96: Be an Extra in a Film
97: Live out of a Van
98: Go on a Demonstration
99: Confess
100: Reach 100 Years of Age
101: Continue Your Gene Pool

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Constructive Advice For The Astrological Signs

♎️#Libra: *Think. Think. Think.* Where are you? Oh! There you are! In the clouds! If only reality were as great as your wonderfully imaginative fantasies! You're often mistaken for a social butterfly, when you're really a creative, introverted mythological creature trying to blend into humanity who is very skilled at convincing people that you're interested and paying attention. You also know how important it is to be socially skilled, because it is a way of making valuable connections for future reference, but you wouldn't dream of being your real, true vulnerable self with anyone BUT The One. You're also a walking contradiction. Try to resent people less for their inferior humanity or the fact that they try to cast you into some personality type, or just don't understand your excessive need to create or learn about everything. Not everyone can be a mermaid or fairy in disguise. Also, try to stop adopting so many projects at once and actually focus on the most important one. Try not to regret opening up to people so much, or leaving long gaps between the times you contact your friends. Oh, and get some more sleep.

♏️#Scorpio: You? You know what you did! You magnetic, charismatic, skillfully lying sh*t!
Needless to say, you don't need advice, and nor would you accept if it it were given! Neither God nor devil (whichever extremity you find yourself dedicated to at this current point of time) could sway you when you make up that mind, and when you do, you'll take over heaven and hell all by yourself! Heck, you might have even tricked (read: beguiled) Lucifer himself to give you the keys to Hades! On the other hand, Scorp, you should try to stop making so many enemies, perhaps close your legs once in a while, and maybe not come off as too shallow. And if you aren't shallow, don't be afraid to show that deeper side of you.

♐️#Sagittarius: You're a class clown. You're a sportsman. You're an actor. You're a musician. You're a writer. Much like Libra, you're a chameleon of talents, and also like Libra, you have a need to self-express, but sometimes it becomes more about social acceptance. Try to believe in yourself! Put away the addictive behaviours, throw away the self-loathing and doubt, and pick yourself up by your boot straps! Do something for yourself and take a break from working so hard! If you're in a rut or a funk, turn off that TV, change out of those sweatpants, and connect to nature and your true self. You don't always do this enough, and it's so important for cleansing your soul and natural energy. Also, try not to make quite so many crude jokes, ya charming devil!

♑️#Capricorn: You've lost things and you've lost people, but with all of your strength and resourcefulness, you've kept on moving and never looked back. You know that treating yourself is better than beating yourself when you're already down, an important lesson that the rest of us sometimes don't learn as early in life. You're a little rough around the edges, but try to let people in and be a little sympathetic those who aren't as emotionally strong as you.

♒️#Aquarius: Sometimes unstable and socially-awkward. You try really hard to fit in with what's trending and yet stand out at the same time. Try to stop acting like you're smarter and cooler than everyone else and also as if you're somebody that you're not. And don't take it to heart (overreact) if someone doesn't like the compliment you just gave them. If you're not careful, you could become THAT GUY. Dude, don't be THAT GUY.

♓️#Pisces: Set in your ways and often perceived as aloof, distant, or standoffish, you are what I'd call "quietly emotional". You are emotional, but you keep it to yourself because you are either very private or distrusting. Intimacy can often be very strange territory for you. Also, there is a difference between generosity and buying love or acceptance, although the line is fine. If you are in the latter case, try to stop trying (see what I did there?) to buy people's affection and realize that all you have to do is make a connection with them and show them who you are for them to accept you into their lives.

♈️#Aries: You are strong, independent, and protective,  but do try to be less impulsive, crass, and stubborn. Actually listen to what the other person is trying to express; it's the best way to could avoid an unnecessary conflict. Not every battle actually needs to be fought.

♉️#Taurus: You don't understand why people find you boring as you have a very flamboyant, outgoing nature. The reason this may be so is actually that a center-of-attention / party personality can get very old, very quickly. Try not to talk about yourself quite so much and let others see you in your raw personality. You don't need to be the life of the party, sometimes one great (REAL)  friend and one great (REAL) connection is better than a lot of humans and shallow interactions.

♊️#Gemini: You're hyperactive, impulsive, and just a little confusing sometimes, but you also want to impress people and want the best for your loved ones, even if you sometimes have a strange way of showing it. Try to be a little more serious, decisive and committed, as well as a little less flirtatious and hotheaded.

♋️#Cancer: You can be loyal and sensitive... when you want to be. You also have a knack for bartering, salesmanship, or maybe even the art of being a con[wo]man! Possibly about as stubborn and pushy as an Aries, or even more so, try not to be so judgmental or critical (which may come out as making fun of someone), and actually take the sound advice that your mother or best friend or counselor is giving you once in a while.

♌️#Leo: You are friendly, outgoing, and funloving, but also very opinionated and sometimes demanding. Try to be more understanding of other people's opinions or needs and don't force yours on them if they don't agree or can't do the things you ask, and especially don't insult them for the conflicting views. Try to set aside some time to unwind from all the strenuous activity that you take on. You may not even notice an emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical strain until your completely worn yourself out. It's okay to take a break or a rest; yes, even from something you love.

♍️#Virgo: Often misconceived as "prudish", you actually just have a high standard of morality. Try to follow your heart AND make up your mind. Also, try not to judge others who may not be on the same moral path or share the same values as you. Take the same advice (about not judging others for their mistakes) and apply it to yourself as well. If you have a slip or a complete lapse, you need to eventually forgive yourself.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Watering Down the Gospel, Eternal Torment, and the Wages of Sin

My family and I have visited many churches in our lifetime. The first church I went to was Calvary Chapel of Rialto, then we switched to Sunrise Church of Rialto for a few years, then we switched back to Calvary Chapel. I am specifically going to talk about Sunrise Church. We had been attending services at Sunrise Church of Rialto for a few years when my mother made the decision to leave because there was a watered-down (lukewarm) message being preached in the church. My mother had read a lot of material by Ray Comfort who specifically talked about watering down the Gospel (I'd encourage you all to find and read his books). Watering down the Gospel is a sin and blasphemy to GOD. The preacher from said church, Jay Pankratz, would say things like: "You've tried drugs, you've tried sex, you've tried alcohol. TRY GOD," "You have a GOD-shaped hole in your heart," and "GOD loves you so much and just wants to forgive you." He was preaching the wrong way. We need to tell people that they are sinners, that they are going to HELL for their sins; tell them the consequences of sin is DEATH. AND THEN you give them GOD. Repentance has to do with confessing and TURNING AWAY from your sins. If you give them grace before you give them the knowledge of their sins and the consequences of the sins, they won't understand grace at all! That's putting the horse before the cart. You CAN'T take repentance and the commandments out of SALVATION! It's not about having a GOD-shaped hole in our heart! Knowing GOD and Yeshua doesn't make our lives BETTER! It saves us and it makes us STRONGER. So many Believers are being persecuted for their faith. AND even the devil KNOWS Yeshua! We don't accept GOD to be HAPPY. We need to accept him to be FORGIVEN of our sins and SAVED from the eternal torment. 

Romans 3:23 (NIV) says, "For ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD."

Romans 6:23 (NLT) says, "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord." 

Matthew 25:46 (NLT) says, "And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life."

Isaiah 66:24 (NLT) says, "And as they go out, they will see the dead bodies of those who have rebelled against me. For the worms that devour them will never die, and the fire that burns them will never go out. All who pass by will view them with utter horror."

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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Get Healthy For Summer! | Photo Motivation {Non-Triggering}

Everyone just wants to be a little healthier, even more-so around Summer! Here is some photo motivation {non-triggering, no body photos} to help you get started! Remember, it's not "skinny
or die", it's just being a healthier, stronger you so that you can LIVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE!


Let’s go for a workout! 

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Yesterday afternoon snack before work! 4 corn thins, 2 with normal PB2 and 2 with chocolate PB2, topped with banana slices!  Instagram; @fit_healthy_you

Good luck, my friends! In the words of Leonard Nimoy (Spock!), "Live Long and Prosper!"

Friday, March 27, 2015

My Favourite "Rubbish Chic" Photo Shoot Pictures | October 2014

The following are some of my favourite photographs from the photo
shoot I went to last October (2014) called "Rubbish Chic".

A Few Honourable Mentions:

This is your Fairy Trash-Mother, signing off!
~Amy Rosanova

Friday, March 6, 2015

Are Libras Unstable? | Insights into the Sign of the Scales

The Sign of the Scales: Libra. Shouldn't their infamous symbol (The Scales) mean that they are completely balanced and stable in everything? Life, Love, Health, Career? While Librans are peace and balance loving, judicial, diplomatic, and have a great sense of morality (right and wrong),  this specific sign can also become very torn and indecisive easily. And I definitely I don't use the term indecisive loosely. It's not just that they don't always know what they want, because most of the time Libra does know exactly what they want, but their sense of justice is what keeps them from being able to decide and also leads them to over-think and ruminate on things. Sometimes, their desire to balance somehow leads them to overdo something because they usually don't do it, but they know that they should (ex: Maybe he/she forgets to work out most of the time, so he/she may end up over-compensating and working out hours in a row). Libra sometimes has a hard time because they want the desires of their heart, but they also want to do the right thing; this could result in: being easily manipulated, secret addictions, love triangles, and even sometimes double lives. This sign abhors being alone; even the introverts can feel empty without at least one or two close friends! Libra is the sign of partnership, which is very important to them. People are just drawn to their exotic personalities, so they shouldn't have any trouble being surrounded by people who love them or look up to them! The best environment for a Libra is in an atmosphere of harmony and peaceful equality.

Ten Ways To Get Revenge

How To Get Revenge

(These are numbered from subtle to extreme. Also, most of these are from a female perspective.)

1: Put a sign on their back that says: "I'm a dirty cheater. Kick me!"

2: Put their phone number on (Preferably in the Tranny Section)

3: Put a [DIRTY] tampon in one of his pockets or bags. ;)

4: Cut the crotch out of his jeans. He's not going to keep in in there anyway.

5: Give his "dirty" PlayStation a "bath".

6: Make their parents like YOU more. 

7: Date their younger or older sibling.

8: Sign them up for for gay porn magazines/websites.

9: Tell everyone that you left him because you found him in bed with another man.

10: Expose EVERY secret online (if you ask me that takes a bit of obsession, and obsessive hate is just one step away from obsessive love. I wouldn't do this unless you are okay with looking crazy).