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I have gotten way too many comments on one of my videos about hair dying, and I have been planing to film a video answering these frequently asked questions, that way it will save everyone the trouble of having to leave a comment about it (when they could seriously just search for the answers on Google.com), yet I decided that it would be easier to create a blog post about this first. So, here you go! These are the questions that I have received about dying hair. I will still be filming a video soon.

The following are questions that I received on a video where I bleached and dyed my hair:

"How long did it last[?]"

I dyed it after about a month. The ends faded to a light orange/gold colour, but the top wasn't that faded. It could have lasted anywhere from 2-4 months with careful care, but I dyed it a different colour a month later, not due to the colour lasting or fading.

"You only used one bottle of bleach[?]"

Yes, I just used one bottle of hair bleach.

"How long did it last ( with the bleaching )[?]"

How long the hair dye lasts really depends on how well the person takes care of their hair while it is dyed. If it is washed immediately, it can fade quickly. If it is washed too often and/or with harsh hair products, it can fade quickly. The best bet for dyed hair is dry shampoo. The hair dye may have to be touched up every couple of weeks to a month. Lastly, a little trick that hairstylists use to help set the hair colour and to make it last longer is to blow-dry the hair after the dye has been applied to it (for about 5-10 minutes, or sometimes longer).

"2 questions[:] Where did [yo]u get the hair dye[,] And does it stain sinks or anything[?]"

Most of the colours from the Splat brand of hair dyes can be found at Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, Kmart, and on the Internet (the Splat brand website, eBay, Amazon, etc.) , If you are looking for this specific colour ("Pink Fetish"), you will only be able to find it at some of the stores listed above, such as Walmart, Walgreeens, and on the Internet (the Splat brand website, eBay, Amazon, etc.). The smell of the hair dyes can be subjective to different people; it can smell strong and/or pungent to some people, or it can smell like berries and/or menthol to other people. As for stains, that is common with all hair dyes, but with care, skill, and steady hands, that can be avoided. When dying the roots, definitely do not rub the dye into the scalp as it can/will stain it. There are a few things you can do to remove the stains, such as using hair dye/colour stain remover wipes (commonly sold at Walgreens; 1 individual packet is sold for about $1.00), or you can wash the stained area with shampoo or baking soda. Splat personally recommends using baking soda because it will be more effective than shampoo or soap. Splat is a direct dye, not a permanent one, so be careful of washing your hair too soon, as the colour will fade more quickly.

"hi [Hi], i [I] just dyed mine in that exact color and idk [I don't know] how to takr thr [take the] excess dye of [off of] my neck, hands and chest?"

If the stains don't come off through regular shampooing, you can always go out and buy hair colour stain remover wipes; they usually come in single/travel packets and are mostly sold for $1-$2 in drug-stores like Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and CVS. They work really well, so you'd usually only need one, but if there's a lot of stains, maybe get two packets just to be safe. I actually showed a little packet of hair colour stain remover in one of my hair products hauls (just skip to 2:55 in the video to see it): http://youtu.be/5J28N27kBHs .

"just [Just] a question but does the bleach burn [?] ��"

Hello, I'm sorry that I didn't see your comment right away. To answer your question, it doesn't burn in a painful way; it burns more in an itchy way. Some people's scalps are more sensitive than other's though. If you are worried about it, you can always try what is called a "patch test", which is where you try it on a small section of hair. If you do bleach your hair and find that you can't stand the itchiness, one thing you can do is use the tip of a "rat tail" comb to gently scratch the itch, instead of using your fingers and nails, to prevent any skin irritations and/or reactions. I also believe that scratching the hair and scalp, especially when it's in such a sensitive state, can cause some hair loss (such as some of the hair being cut off by the nails while it is weakened by the hair bleach). I hope I've answered your question and maybe even given you some other helpful information. If you have any other questions that you would like answered, feel free to ask. :)

"dose [Does] the bleach leave your hair feeling like a weave[?]"

*No Answer*

"wait [Wait,] when you rinse out the bleach[,] do you shampoo[,] or do you just rinse and dry[?]"

Usually, the products that you are using should always come with directions. If your hair-bleaching kit comes with a deep reconstructor, use that instead of shampoo; this will deactivate the chemicals in the bleach (which are the main cause of frizzy, "fried" hair, and just overall dryness). The bleach will zap the moisture from your hair, and will continue to do so over a long period of time unless you take use something to deactivate the chemicals and take care of your hair to prevent really bad damage. With all of that said, if your hair-bleaching kit does not come with a reconstructor or a deactivator, then you should shampoo your hair after bleaching it. Some people suggest using conditioner, and then shampoo, and then conditioner again. If you are going to use a toner, use that before using conditioner. When you do shampoo your hair after bleaching it, make sure that you gently massage your scalp with your fingertips (as there may be bleach stuck to the). If you are going to dye your hair afterwards, use a conditioner, but make sure it is not a neutralizing one; those are for restoring the normal pH and smooth the outer layer of the hair (the "cuticle") after you have dyed your hair (with whatever colour you are using), and if you use it before dying your hair (with a colour-dye), it will neutralize the colour before it has even started working. A good bleach kit that I would recommend is Splat's "Lightening Bleach" kit, which comes with a deep reconstructor and anything else that you may need for bleaching your hair.


My Top Five Favourite Anime Shows

My Top Five Favourite Anime Shows

Himouto! Umara-Chan

(It is both a Manga and an Anime)

Description from Wikipedia.org:
The series follows Umaru Doma, a high school girl who lives with her older brother Taihei. At school, Umaru appears to be the ideal student with good looks, top grades, and a lot of talent. Once she gets home, however, she reverts into a layabout who spends her time lying around, playing video games, and constantly depending on her older brother, much to his dismay. Over the course of the series, Umaru's alternative personalities help her become friends with her female classmates Kirie Motoba, who has a reputation of glaring at people; and Sylphynford Tachibana, her competitive school rival; both of whom turn out to be little sisters of Taihei's coworkers.

Vampire Knight

(It is both a Manga and an Anime)

Description from Wikipedia.org:

Yuki's earliest memory is of a stormy night in winter, where she was attacked by a rogue vampire and rescued by Kaname Kuran, a Pureblood vampire. Now ten years later, Yuki Cross, the adopted daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, Kaien Cross, has grown up and become a guardian of the vampire race, protecting her childhood crush, Kaname, from discovery as he leads a group of vampires at the elite boarding school. At her side is Zero Kiryu, a childhood friend who's hatred for the creatures that destroyed everything he held dear leaves him determined never to trust them. This coexisting arrangement seems all well and good, but have the vampires truly renounced their murderous ways, or is there a darker truth behind their actions? Because in this world of secrets, nothing is as it seems. And the price of misplaced trust may even be worse than death. Should Yuki truly find out what was in her past, is the truth going to hurt her worse than not knowing?


Description from Wikipedia.org:

Parasyte centers on a 17-year-old male named Shinichi Izumi, who lives with his mother and father in a quiet neighborhood in Tokyo. One night, worm-like creatures called Parasites appear on Earth, taking over the brains of human hosts by entering through their ears or noses. One Parasite attempts to crawl into Shinichi's ear while he sleeps, but fails as Shinichi is wearing headphones, and enters his body by burrowing into his arm instead. In the Japanese version, it takes over his right hand and is named Migi, after the Japanese word for 'right'; Tokyopop's version, in which the images are flipped horizontally, has the Parasite take over Shinichi's left hand, and it is named Lefty.

Full Metal Alchemist

Description from Wikipedia.org:

Edward and Alphonse Elric live in the rural town of Resembool with their mother Trisha and their father Van Hohenheim, the latter having left home for an unknown reason. When Trisha dies of the plague, the brothers perform the forbidden alchemic technique of human transmutation in an attempt to resurrect her. Consequently, the transmutation backfires and in law with equivalent exchange, Edward’s left leg and Alphonse’s entire body are destroyed. Edward sacrifices his right arm to rescue Alphonse’s soul, binding it to a suit of armour with a blood seal. Edward is invited by Roy Mustang to become a State Alchemist to research a way to restore Alphonse’s body. Edward succeeds, becoming the Fullmetal Alchemist, the title based on his prosthetic automail limbs.


(It is both a Manga and an Anime)

Description from Wikipedia.org:

A powerful fox known as the Nine-Tails attacks the ninja village Konoha. In response, the leader of Konoha – the Fourth Hokage – seals the fox inside his newborn son Naruto Uzumaki at the cost of his life. As a child, Naruto is isolated from the Konoha community, who regards him as if he was the Nine-Tails itself and treat him with hostility. A decree made by the current Hokage, the Third Hokage, forbids anyone mentioning the Nine-Tails to anyone else to prevent Naruto from finding out the truth. Twelve years later, renegade ninja Mizuki reveals the truth to Naruto before being defeated by him with the Shadow Clone Jutsu, earning the respect of his teacher Iruka Umino. Shortly after, Naruto becomes a ninja and is assigned alongside Sasuke Uchiha, whom he often competes against, and Sakura Haruno, whom he has a crush on, to form a three-person team named Team 7 under an experienced sensei, the elite ninja Kakashi Hatake. Like all the ninja teams from every village, Team 7 is charged with completing missions requested by villagers, ranging from doing chores and being bodyguards or executing assassinations.

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Things That You Should Know About Anxious And/Or Avoidant People

The following facts are some things that you should know about
people with Social Anxiety and/or Avoidant Personality Disorder.

It should be noted that Avoidant Personality Disorder is a facet of Social Anxiety, and that people who deal with these two disorders can also be dealing with other disorders, therefore having all of the characteristics mix and mesh and overall just making life very difficult. Some common co-occurring disorders include Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Eating Disorders, PTSD, Bipolar, Cyclothymia, Dysthymia, Panic Disorder, ADD, ADHD, etc., and can even develop some addictions.


Self-Disclosure is more than just uncomfortable or complicated; It feels so wrong. We can't just go around telling our whole life story to every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sally, let alone minuscule little details about ourselves, like our thoughts, opinions, ideas, plans, and feelings. There is probably only one person in this whole cruel world who gets to see even a fraction of our "true authentic selves".


Most of the time, when certain uncomfortable or scary situations appear, we are obsessing over each and every little thing that could go wrong and how it could go wrong. We fixate on the big things. We fixate on the little things. We fixate on winky-faces, appointments, and the things that you say.


Sometimes, we act really harsh on the outside, because we feel like we can't and/or shouldn't be ourselves on the inside. Of course we wish we could "join in the fun" and not fixate and/or worry about every little detail, but that's just not who we are. We don't WANT to be the prude / bummer / buzz kill / party pooper, or whatever other word there is for basically being a let-down-failure-person.


"I notice everything, like every dirty secret that you spread today. Let's set this record straight." Cue some "A Day To Remember" right here, because we notice everything.  Yes, we know that you think that we are jerks. We know that you think that we are anti-social. We know that you think that
we think that we are better than everyone else. But here's a little clue, because you desperately need one: WE ARE NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. You just really don't even know anything about us.


We judge your judgments, because we know that being intolerant and inconsiderate is fair to no-one. As previously stated, we notice everything. We don't just notice when you're being a total jerkface to us, but we notice when you're being a total jerkface to other people, too. We may or may not speak up about it. It's generally a lot easier for us to stick up for other people than to stick up for ourselves.


Some of us bottle it all up inside, while some of us secretly cry over everything, we would just
die before we actually admitted that to the whole wide world though. (BRB, about to die now.)


We don't really actually hate you, we just spend so much time trying to convince ourselves that we don't actually need you or like you, but somewhere deep down inside our souls, we know that we do, and we know that we can't open up to you, and we know that it hurts, because we really wish we could, but we can't, and so it's literally technically killing us inside of our little smooshy souls.

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A No-BS List Of Vegan-Friendly Skincare Brands

100% Pure Cosmetics
Abra Therapeutics
Alamo Organics
Alba Botanica
All Terrain
Alvin Connor
Aubrey Organics, Inc.
Bare Bones Body Care
Beauty Without Cruelty
Billy Jealousy
Body Crystal of California
Bonne Bell
Bronzo Sensualé
California North
Desert Essence
Earth Mama Angel Baby
Earth Science Naturals
Gaia Creams
Hugo Naturals
Kiss My Face
Le Labo
Nature's Gate
Ocean Potion
Per-fékt Beauty
Raven's Creek Natural
Sibu Beauty
SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals, Inc.
SW Basics

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"White" Is Literally Not My Race | Embracing Our Races And Cultures

Nelson Mandela once said: "No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his [or her] skin, or his [or her] background, or his [or her] religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."

I have been wanting to write something like this for a while, but I have not really known where to begin. I know that I will receive a lot of mixed reviews as well, but I know that sometimes it only takes one person to step out of the fog of racial and cultural ignorance and to spread awareness so that a lot of other people can do the same as well. This post is based on my own person beliefs and opinions (which I usually avoid sharing), and does not propose to represent any group of people. It is not my intention to offend and/or alienate anyone who may read this.

Firstly, I would like to point out that I do understand that "colour-blindness" and/or "racial a blindness" is not the solution to ending racism, and it is not what I advocate. "Colour consciousness is not racism," as someone once said.

I believe that we should embrace and appreciate every aspect of culture and the rainbow of races, while not making judgments about a person based on their skin colour. Yet judgments ARE made based on a person's skin colour, and in order to find a solution, we cannot ignore that fact, because ignorance only stands quietly doing nothing while prejudice and cruelty continue to persevere.

A person called Prince EA recently created a video called, "I am NOT black. You are NOT white." It has received a lot of mixed reactions, and I can understand both sides of where everyone is coming from opinion-wise. Yes, we ARE more than our outward features, and that is a wonderful belief to hold, yet ignoring skin colour doesn't stop racism, it only ignores it.

Growing up, I was often referred to as a/the/that "little white girl", and even treated differently at times by the other kids on the block, because I was the only "white kid". And yes, my skin is white -I am not in denial of that fact-, but it isn't my race. Now I know what that sounds like: just another "privileged little white girl" in denial. I'm neither ignorant or self-hating, and as I've already stated before, I don't advocate "colour-blindness" or "racial-blindess", and I don't believe in the "stop calling people black or white" jargon. There ARE different skin colors, there ARE different races, there ARE different cultures, and they are ALL beautiful.

So let's try this again: Yes, my skin is white, observing and admitting this fact doesn't bother me, and neither am I particularly "proud" of it. It's my skin. That's okay. It's not better or worse than anyone else's skin. That's okay. What bothers me is that when people immediately assume that I'm JUST "white", "Caucasian", and/or "European-American" a big part of my culture and identity is discredited, and having that happen to anyone can be hurtful to their identity. I admit that part of my ancestors were Irish, and *maybe* even English, French, and/or German. But because my skin colour is white and my features are "Caucasian", they are the only ancestors that are credited in the event of my existence. A long line of ancestors disappears with the wind (and I'm not talking about just a few ancestors, I'm talking about a lot of ancestors ... most of them even) because my skin is white. By the majority of chromosone-count, I'm probably mostly "European", but the majority of my ancestors are not. And I understand that being called "white" is a lot easier than being called "Irish-Spanish-Guatemalan-Maybe-French-Maybe-English-And-Maybe-German-American", and, believe me, I don't want to be one of THOSE people, but is "white" and/or "Caucasian" the only option for me? I can't identify as Euro-Hispanic? I wonder how my Grandmother would feel if I chose to "disown" that part of who I am; she would probably feel as if I was disowning HER herself. I wonder how my Mother would feel if I acted like those cells in our veins meant nothing. I wonder how my Nephew, who looks up to me, who calls me his Tia, would feel if I refused to recognize my forefather's heritage. I wonder how some of my Brothers would feel if I thought I was different from them just because my skin colour is different.

A lot of my ancestors come from Castille, Spain, and Quetzaltenango, Guatamala. Possibly even from other areas that I am not exactly sure of. Yet my skin is white because of one "white" people marrying into my Mother's side of the family; her Father. My Mother's Father was Irish and Spanish (born in American), and my "biological Father" -this is my first time publically referring to him, as he is not someone that I would hold in particularly high regard, and I use the term "Father" loosely when it comes to this person ... What can I say? My "Step-Father" is my ONLY Father/Dad/Paternal Figure- was Irish and maybe English (born in America). Through this two people (provably only), I have a long line of mainly European ancestors. Just two people! Yet, they are mostly credited with my race! Today, I want to recognize my other ancestors: The Spaniards, The Guatemalans, and any other non-European Ancestors that had a part in my culture and identity. In fact, I want to recognize all of them, Irish, English, Spanish, Guatemalan, and French (and maybe German?). Why should one part of who I am be ignored simply because the other part is more recognizable? It shouldn't. Yes, I know that I'm American, yet that just means that I was born in America. That fact also doesn't discredit my ancestors.

Why does it seem less credible for a white-skinned person to identify as "mixed-race"? That honestly makes no sense, and it's damaging for a person to have to only fit into one box to check off. Being "racially mixed" is more believable if the person isn't "white", but how unfair is that? Why do we have to fit into only one single category? We can all easily check off more than one box, so why isn't that acceptable?

I guess that what I am basically trying to say is that the "white" part of me isn't the only part of me that should be recognized or payed attention to.

All of these races and cultures and identities mix and meld within my being and make up a piece of who I am. I want to give credit and thanks to all of them.

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Christiansplaining | Fifty Shades of Grey Is Not A "Representation" of the BDSM Community & Discrediting Common Myths

I don’t really think that it is fair for the BDSM community (or anyone, for that matter) to discredit “Fifty Shades of Grey” as “not being a good representation of the BDSM community”. I don’t think that it was meant to be a representation of the BDSM community, and I also don’t perceive it as such. Christian Grey may be involved in BDSM, yet he is only one person in that community, and therefore should not be used as an "example". Everyone is different, so we cannot expect a single person to be a “good representation” of a whole community, which, by the way, has MANY different facets and sub-categories (D/s, DD/lg, M/s, etc.)! We also cannot expect that everyone will take part in the same aspects or activities as one person or another person. He may have been introduced to BDSM in a different way, he be taking part in it for a different reason, and he may even be taking part in different aspects of the dynamic, but that doesn’t discredit his story or his experience with it. Everyone has a different story and a different experience. We like and/or dislike things for different reasons; we become interested and/or disinterested in things for different reasons. The question of whether his reasons were good or bad , healthy or unhealthy, has a subjective answer. Anastasia Steele may have like or disliked certain aspects of the dynamic, yet it was still consensual. He never crossed her boundaries. In the end, it’s just a story. In the end, it’s just his story. In the end, it's just her story. Everyone has a different story, and everyone is entitled to that. Lastly, I'd like to end this post by discrediting a few common myths. BDSM is not abuse, nor is it comprised of -or defined by- "violent" acts. It is an interaction between consenting adults who usually come up with a negotiation and/or a contract. There are [soft and hard] limits that are discussed beforehand (and usually written into the contract), and there also safe-words -or safe-gestures, in the case of not being able to utilize a safe-word- that are to indicate that the current activity is to slow down or completely stop. If the safe-word or the safe-gesture is purposely ignored, then that is RAPE. BDSM is also not always sexual. Not everyone in the BDSM community identifies with the "Dominant/submissive" dynamic, or the "Master/slave" dynamic. Just research the "Caregiver/little" or "Caretaker/little" dynamic! Many people involved in the D/s or Cg/l dynamics actually have much stronger, healthier relationships than some people do in normal (also called "vanilla") relationships. BDSM is not rare, a fad or phase, nor is everyone within the community exactly the same. Not everyone will fit the "checklist" of what one person or another person likes and/or dislikes, or what one person thinks is "kinky" or "vanilla". There is no one "perfect description" of what anyone involved in a specific dynamic should or shouldn't be like. They may or may not look "the part". It doesn't matter, because "the part" is just based on misconceptions and assumptions. Not. Everyone. Is. The. Same. That is the overall theme of this article, if you haven't guessed. You can be big or small, short or tall, boy or girl, trans or cis. You can have different interests and preferences. There is no perfect checklist of "who you need to be" before or in able to do what you do and like what you like. It's BDSM; there is no "binary", "primary", or "default". In keeping with the main theme of this post: EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! Be your true self! (By the way ... yes, I am a Christian. How sad is it that even a Christian knows more about some of these dynamics than some other people do?)

Celebrities Who Refuse To Do Love Scenes, Kissing Scenes, Sex Scenes, And/Or Nude Scenes

Romantic Acting. We all love a good romance story now and then, but not always do we consider the actors behind it ... or the significant others behind the actors. We constantly cheer for our favourite couples, give them relationship names (also called "ships", which is short for "relationships"), imagine what it would be like to be one or the other and involved with one or the other, buy into their merchandise to let others know that we are supporters of that particular "OTP" ("One True Pairing"), overly sexualize them, etc. And then there are some people who take it to the next level to pressure the actors into an actual relationship, spread negativity about one or both of the actors' real life significant others, and even pressure the actors to break their limits and/or cross their boundaries for the sake of a scene on a screen. There are few actors out their that respect their relationship enough to not partake in that forbidden fruit ... the forbidden fruit of romantic scenes with someone else other than their partner. Yet, there are some who do actually respect their relationship boundaries and remain monogamous while pursuing or continuing an acting career. The following is a list of actors who REFUSE to do love scenes, kissing scenes, and/or sex scenes. Kirk Cameron. Chris Pratt. Brad Pitt. Neal McDonough (there may be more, but that's currently all that I could find. If I do find anymore, I will either add it to this list, make a new list, or maybe I'll even do both of those things).

The following is a list of celebrities who refuse to do nude scenes and/or sex scenes: Megan Fox. Emma Watson. Anna Kendrick. Mila Kunis. Scarlett Johansson. Sarah Jessica Parker. Julia Roberts. Blake Lively. Cameron Diaz. Christina Hendricks. Jennifer Garner. Jessica Alba. Isla Fisher. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Mandy Moore. Rachel Bilson. Jenna Fischer. Jennifer Lawrance. Jessica Simpson.

I'm actually quite surprised. Maybe not all of them refuse to do inappropriate scenes because of faith, values/morals, and/or self-respect, but at least they are refusing to do that! Hollywood may be regaining some of its self-respect and modesty back!  Well, maybe not Hollywood   ...   but its actors!

*DISCLAIMER: I am in no way "shaming" anyone who chooses to participate in the above actions and/or activities, but, as it is some people's beliefs to promote being comfortable with exposing one's body, it is my belief to promote modesty. We are all entitled to our beliefs and opinions. Thank you.*

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Wal-Mart Lies About Their Alcohol Sales Policy And Refuses To Sell To Customers With Minors Present

Today, while grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, my Mother-in-law was refused the sale of alcohol (two packs of light beer) that she was buying for a gathering with her friends simply because my boyfriend (who just turned 23 years old yesterday) and I (20 years old) were with her, and for some reason, the elderly cashier lady assumed that my mother-in-law was going to be giving us the alcohol. The cashier then proceeded to get huffy with us, asked us all to present our IDs to her (I didn't have one), and even called the manager (who by the way looked like she was barely in her mid-twenties herself) who took it upon herself to say it was their "policy" and that it always had been. If that is true then why hasn't this EVER happened before? Once we left, I decided to do some research, and it turns out that it isn't true. This is not a part of their policy, according to Wal-Mart spokesperson, Brian Nick:

"There may be times when a cashier wouldn't sell alcohol to someone who is in their early  20s, accompanied by minors." "The company, as a rule, does not routinely ID minors who are with adults." "We specifically don't have a policy to ID minors, because they are not the ones buying alcohol." "The company does not have a policy requiring cashiers to card minors." "Unless the cashier sees indicators that the adult is buying alcohol for a minor." "A cashier may ask anyone who looks younger than 40 to show a valid ID if trying to purchase alcohol." 

So, according to Brian Nick, if it appears that the adult is buying the alcohol for the minor (if they are talking about alcohol, if the minor even points, touches, or carries the alcohol), they can refuse sale.
This was not the case with my Mother-in-law. We were grocery shopping, and I didn't mention, touch, point at, or even LOOK AT the alcohol; I wasn't even 100% aware that there was light beer in the cart. So for them to make this blatant assumption is an obvious form of discrimination based on appearance. At the end of this taking place, I noticed that the older woman was wearing earrings with a religious symbol on them: the Christian fish symbol. I recognize this because I am -and was raised- a Christian. I believe that she assumed that we were going to be drinking because we looked "rebellious" or "worldly". My Mother-in-law was wearing a Metallica shirt and had a couple of tattoos, my Boyfriend was wearing a backwards hat, his tattoos were covered by his work apparel, and I have pink hair (my skin is also white, which could be another reason she singled me out ... This may sound stupid, but this has actually happened to me before). We were all wearing all-black clothing. After the whole "We won't sell this to you," (even if I went to wait in the car ... because they "already know.") situation, throughout the whole transaction, this apparently Christian older lady was very cold towards us, ripping the receipt off of the register, holding it in our faces, and then practically dismissing us.

In the end, this is not their store policy (they don't even have their policy on their own website. I had to search for a long time before I finally found it on ANOTHER website that was completely unrelated to Wal-Mart.) and it also isn't a part of the federal law. Don't let them fool you with any of these excuses.

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A Guest Post By A Person Who Is A Guest Writing A Post On My Blog


-guest post.

I (Amy) am on the left, my Boyfriend (Evan) is in the middle, and the guest poster (Jimmy) is on the right.
Animated Sonic